Solution sur mesure pour défis multiples

Our client, a power producing company using high pressure steam, called on Durpro’s expertise after receiving submissions from other bidders. The company wanted our advice on the replacement of old split bed demineralizers.

The existing equipment required manual intervention on a daily basis to demineralize the water, which meant significant costs and handling hazardous acid and caustic soda. There were also performance and water quality issues. Our client was struggling to meet a 20 ppb limit for silica for a flow rate of 10 US gpm. The new equipment had to meet these and other quality requirements while respecting delivery and budget constraints. Our client was looking for a cost-effective solution and for rapid implementation since the replacement of the aging system had to take place during a programmed plant shutdown.

Making the right diagnosis first

Before anything else, Durpro conducted a comprehensive assessment of the client’s objectives, processes and constraints to clearly define the requirements and find the best possible solution. Our experts also modelled the solutions put forward by our competitors in order to simulate their operation. We were able to demonstrate that these alternatives could not meet medium-term expectations regarding efficiency, costs, or water quality. Impressed with the depth of our analysis, the client invited us to recommend a customized solution.

… to choose the best solution

Durpro recommended an all-new system. The client’s new water purification process includes water softeners and two redundant reverse osmosis machines followed by an EDI (electrodeionization) system. In addition, the equipment had to be designed to facilitate a possible relocation—it was skid mounted to limit potential piping work.

The chosen solution fully meets the client’s objectives. The new system attains the demanding quality and performance targets. Manual intervention and the need to use acids and caustic soda have been eliminated. That’s not to mention that maintenance is required once or twice a year instead of every day. All these improvements represent significant benefits in terms of safety, maintenance, efficiency, and costs.

We are committed to offering top-of-the-line water treatment systems through personalized needs assessments. We provide you with solutions that optimize your processes and meet your specific needs whatever your industry.

Industrial purification system for the pharmaceutical sector
Carried out for a world leader in dental pharmaceuticals, this project was interesting due to its very unique design requirements.
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