Industrial purification system for the pharmaceutical sector

High-precision purification

The project came with reliability engineering challenges. The system design had to ensure constant internal recirculation and to take into consideration the specific requirements of the highly regulated pharmaceutical environment. The client’s standard operating procedures demand compliance with good manufacturing practices and constant validation of processes and components.

Durpro ensured very close monitoring and provided the client with all necessary documentation pertaining to reliability and quality for the multitude of tests performed. Process stability and bacterial control are critical when it comes to water filtration and purification in the pharmaceutical industry. Purity, chlorine levels, drainage, velocities—everything must be thoroughly controlled.

Solutions for real life

Our experts always make sure to clearly understand how our solutions will be used. In this case, it was of the utmost importance for the system to be easily accessible and convenient to operate and maintain. That’s why we worked closely with the client to review and configure the layout and controls throughout the process. All necessary work including shutdowns, start-ups and reconnections can easily be performed by the client’s internal plumbers thanks to the system’s convenient layout and quick disconnect feature. We strive to achieve the highest standards including efficiency and ease of maintenance!

Optimum efficiency

Our multidisciplinary team of water filtration, purification and treatment experts always focus on your specific needs. Our solutions are tailored to your challenges, tasks, and applications. We want the systems we provide to have optimal quality and functionality… and to save you time, effort and money.

Our customized solutions are carefully targeted and perfectly adapted—no more and no less. So is our level of integration; we can only support commissioning or assist you right from the early stages and throughout the process. Our flexibility and ability to adapt to your needs are important added values because for you, they mean optimized total cost of implementation and operation.

Water purification system
Water purification system