Clairement la solution

Durpro recommends AG series reverse osmosis membranes by SUEZ for clients who want:

  • Pure water to meet stringent requirements
  • To replace reverse osmosis membranes when operating pressures are as low as 200 psi
  • To purify water with very low levels of suspended matter and concentrations of dissolved solids that are less than 2,000 mg/L
  • Expert technical support in reverse osmosis systems selection, design and maintenance
  • Short delivery times in Eastern Canada

AG series membranes:

  • Are available in 2.5, 4 and 8 in. diameters
  • Have a 99.5% average sodium chloride rejection rate
  • Are available in may configurations to meet the various needs of sanitary, industrial and commercial applications
  • Have been tested and recognized in the water purification industry for over 30 years

AG series membranes can usually replace the following membranes:

  • BW30 series by DOW FILMTEC
  • MICRODYN RO 8040-BW and 4040-BW series (formerly Trisep)
  • CSM RE8040 series