Clairement la solution

Durpro recommends ROSave.Z* cartridge filters for clients who:

  • Wish to increase the life span of reverse osmosis membranes
  • Want long-lasting cartridge filters
  • Want to reduce pressure loss at reverse osmosis pretreatment
  • Need highly efficient nominal filtration
  • Want to lower the total cost of filtration

ROSave.Z* cartridge filters by SUEZ are:

  • Designed specifically to protect reverse osmosis membranes
  • NSF 42 certified and FDA compliant
  • Available in 1 and 5 micron ratings
  • Available in lengths from 9 3/4 to 40 inches
  • Available with any industry standard end cap

ROSave.Z* cartridge filters by SUEZ can usually replace the following cartridges:

  • Hytrex by SUEZ
  • MBC by Graver Technologies
  • Stratum C by Graver Technologies
  • Claris by Pall
  • Nexis T by Pall
  • Betapure by 3M