Clairement la solution

Durpro offers Muni.Z* cartridge filters by SUEZ for clients who want to:

  • Protect equipment with 1 or 5 micron rating
  • Have excellent value for money
  • Reduce pressure loss without having to change process equipment
  • Change cartridges less often without compromising filtration quality or increasing costs

Muni.Z* cartridge filters by SUEZ are:

  • Manufactured using Z.Plex technology for lower pressure drop and greater dirt holding capacity
  • Available in 1 and 5 micron ratings only
  • Available in lengths from 30 to 40 inches
  • NSF 61 certified and FDA compliant
  • Available with any industry standard end cap

Muni.Z* cartridge filters by SUEZ can usually replace the following cartridges:

  • Hytrex and Purtrex by SUEZ
  • Claris by Pall
  • Crystal MBF (CMBF) by Graver Technologies